Thursday, February 12, 2009

that sounds heavy

ok, so there are several things i am supposed to be doing right now, and blogging is really not one of them. (though it is clearly my favorite of all the options).

what sounds heavy is the things which i should be doing such as i have a meeting at work in 3 hours and i am not even showered yet, not to mention the hour it will take to do my ridiculously long hair...

also i have to meet with a girl at work for dinner and drinks after work is over. she actually got this idea in her head that i would be a good mentor for her and so i feel i should at least try and live up to her standard, so meeting with her to discuss her goals in nursing and then start a very interesting project on pacers. (ok i know this doesn't seem too fabulous to the rest of you but we do work on the cardiac floor and pacers are interesting to us...)

the heavy part is that all of my art supplies need to be put in the car in prep for that and just the thought is making my arms hurt. (though we all the know the truth of the matter is when i decide what needs to get packed, i will turn to my husband, put on the big puppydog eyes and suggest maybe it is too heavy for little ole me, but perhaps...)

i also need to get together something to wear because i can't wear scrubs out, and yet my fashion sense is......still building. (on a note here, can anyone please teach me how to put those awesome crossed out lines in here? as in i say something then cross it out and then type what i should have said? i am so not blog savvy yet)

so, my name for my for my treadmill came from a very unexpected husband.

i know you are all waiting with baited breath for the announcement...

i will call her lady guinevere.

why might you ask? well there are many reasons, and i am thinking that maybe it would be fun to post a different reason every week. ok maybe not fun in the sense that hey we are all gonna get together and have such a good time, but at least it may keep you all coming back to see why in the world i would give her that title.

so....that's why i named her guinevere is born.

that's why i named her guinevere ....

my reason 1: i am calling her this because lady guinevere married king arthur to form an alliance and protect her land, she made a sacrifice for the greater good. my treadmill is much like this due to the fact that she gives up her whole life to sit in the gym allowing me to use her for the greater good each day. she is there to help me be healthier and protect me from the evil fat of the world. she is sooo self sacrificing.

so as we are all getting to know eachother, please feel free to ask me anything about myself, i am an open book and there is pretty much nothing off limits. my profile doesn't really reveal much and i know you all are just dying to know about my super interesting fabulous self. (haha snort)

on a lighter note there is a hairy beast running around here, and her name is jineen. why hairy you ask? well there are these 2 one inch long caterpillars (aka eyebrows) growing on my face and i really need to have them waxed. i woke up and really thought i could see the hairs beginning to grow down over my eyes. that is a scary thought ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you. i am usually so much better at keeping the standard grooming taken care of, but not lately. why wax? well due to the bizarre fact that my eyebrows are different shapes and one is also half an inch higher than the other, only an expert (meaning the vietnamese woman down the road) is capable of tackling such a feat. she does them justice so they can look normal. plus plucking them takes forever and gets on my nerves, but in one fell swoop she can make them perfect.
so pray for me today, as i attempt to find a spare moment to get there and stop my imitation of bert from sesame street.

i am also burdened today with the thought that after our surprise in march i am forced to make more doctors appointments for dom ( my son) regarding his health and i have been putting it off long enough. we have changed doctors and are hoping for a good match this time. there is so much to say about that i can't possibly explain it all now, and besides i am keeping it light today. but suffice it to say, the last time we went we found out about the tumor and so i am sure you can imagine how sick to my stomach it makes me to think about going back.

anyway, the wind is blowing had enough i think our house might tip over, and on that note, i think i am gonna go and make sure we are still safely attached to the ground. (and by that i mean get a shower)

hope everyone is having a great day, thanks for reading!


Wayne said...

Hey I loved the post and yes Tribute tuesday is a weekley thing feel free to join in at your lesure it would be great to read about your tributes.

Holly said...

Sounds like a good treadmill name to me! Lol! I'm hopeless at naming things! I don't even know what I'm going to name my children when they're born! Certainly not anything weird though (like Pilot Inspektor!). I might not be creative, but I'm not stupid either! :P

Anonymous said...

I just love reading your blog..