Friday, February 20, 2009

it's been a while and i've missed you:)

so i have been neglectful over the past few days, in writing that is. of course i stalk the blogs i love to read every day.....

i have good excuses though, tuesday morning i had to exercise and i nearly had an actual temper tantrum because someone else was using guinevere, i almost pushed him right off, but they have cameras in there and so in the interest of not being arrested for assault, i used the treadmill next to her. but i stared at her the whole time so she wouldn't be upset. by the time i got home and calmed down from not using her i was exhausted and add a drink (yes i drank in the morning) i fell asleep......

only to wake up and head back to work, where on tuesday morning a last minute transport from one hospital to the next requiring me to ride in an ambulance with the patient took up all my time and then into the bosses office......

then one more time back to work and when i got home that morning i was caring for my son who was sick for the first time this winter and though he never did throw up just the thought was making him worse. seeing as how i stayed up for about 26 hours and ended up sleeping on the living room floor with him, i wasn't feeling so hot myself.

so now i am here and i've missed you, faithful readers. ooops. i meant reader. (its so hard being so popular with all 4 people who read me)

anyway, congrats to cammie who got more than her desired 100 comments on her 100th post! i freakin love that girls blog and if you aren't reading it, you should be!

i found out this week my son is an exhibitionist.

i know that is a loaded statement, and at such a young age.....i am sure some may think what are we teaching him...but i'll tell the story anyway..

he got out of the shower and came running out in his towel, all wrapped up with wet hair sticking every which way looking super cute. apparently he was searching for his "sexy spray" which i found out was his axe body spray that daddy taught him to use so he smells good. so i grabbed the camera to take a pic of him because he looked so stinkin cute. as i focused the camera and told him to smile, i guess he forgot that he was wrapped up he put his arms at his side and cocked his head and smiled.....

leaving his whole little body exposed.

he was smiling and proud.

i put the camera down and started laughing and telling him ummmm.....not every one wants to see his private parts.

his response?

"why not mommy? it's delightful."


of course there never was a picture because he thought it was so funny he refused to cover back up and as cute as i think he may be a bit more tasteful (and safe) not to have a picture like that around.

on a more fun note today...i finally made it to the hairdresser and i no longer have to sit on my hair. many inches and some bleach later, i am feeling much better.

it pains me to remember the experience though. at the risk of sounding like a total b**ch, i will tell you it isn't because i don't love being pampered, having my hair shampooed and blownout in a way i will never be able to duplicate and basking in that perfect hair day glow. and it isn't that i don't like the girl who does it, she has been doing all of our hair cuts for years. it isn't even that i had to pay 170 dollars after tip to get it done.

small talk folks.

i can't stand small talk.

i don't mind conversation with people. i enjoy it. even if i don't know someone, if we can find something that keeps the conversation going about something, anything, i am good. but.... what i can't stand is the little questions that end up in yes/no answers or something that no conversation can ever develop from. it drives me up the freakin wall. i would rather sit in silence.

"how is the family?"

"good, you?"

"good. busy"

"yeah, us too"


"ready for summer?"

"yeah, you?"


see what i mean. i felt terrible. why couldn't i find something to talk about? well whatever, there are now several very uninteresting things i know about the girl who does a great job on my hair:

her boyfriend smokes pot

she takes her 15 year old nephew to rated R movies

her boyfriend is 29 and has a 7 year old daughter who lives in texas, who he hasn't seen in 3 years

she is contemplating a tattoo

she lives with her parents still

she doesn't care that her boyfriend smokes pot

wow, my life has seriously changed.....

ok, i will now come back from sarcasm land....

now, for something a little more fun...

the purse tag...

i guess i take a picture of my current purse and then tell you all the things that are in here goes... (you can stop reading now if you don't want to fall asleep, my bag is huge)

first, this bag was given to me from my secret santa at our work christmas party this year. she has pretty good taste and this was definitely the best work gift i've ever gotten.

there are two clips hooked to the straps on the outside. one is always there and the other is there from this morning when i had to wear my hair up prior to getting it done, it usually lives in the bathroom for when i wash my face

now to the outside pocket....

my blackberry my grocery list

orbit gum (my dirty mouth still isn't cleaned up) bacitracin

one red pen one yellow highlighter $30

one dry erase marker $2

three hair elastics nine love notes from hubby

my ipod shuffle and earphones five to-do lists from work

one alcohol swab one saline flush

one pen one bobby pin

$1 quarters my acme card

one sticky note with a friends cell number on it an atm receipt

one sticky note with a password on it 2 listerine whitening strips

one sticky note with 3 birthday wishes on it

one card the when you press your thumb on the black square determines if you are stressed or calm (apparently i am always calm)

now on the inside there is one zippered compartment and it contains:

1 tampon 7 panty liners

7 maxipads 1 nine west tag (guess thats my purse brand)

now the two open pockets:

1 gum wrapper 1 tissue

chapstick lipstick

lipliner mascara

a powder compact 2 love notes from hubby

gum a necklace

and finally the main part of the purse:

1 makeup bag 1wallet

1 bottle of melatonin 1 eyeshadow/blush compact

1 tidepen 1 pair underwear

1 eyeglasses case 2 bottles of perfume

1 bottle excederin keys

1 pair leather gloves 1 contact case

spare pairs of contacts bandage tape

1 headband 2 special k bars

4 pens that work and one that doesn't one pen cap

2 gum wrappers 2 hair elastics

2 makeup brushes my checkbook

one hair clip 2 receipts

2 cake recipes 1 old grocery list

1 piece note paper from a class 2 to-do lists from work

1 piece of paper with bank stuff on it 1 printout about esbl infections

and thats all folks.......

yep, i carry it all around every day.

so whats in your wallet?

cammie.....can i talk about poop too ?



Kristina P. said...

Your son is so funny! I use the word "delightful" a lot too.

Shauna said...

I'm new here! What a great blog :)

The Rambler said...

Hahahaha.....Hilarious. And I just love that your son said Delightful!

Thanks for stopping by today!