Wednesday, February 11, 2009

me and my therapist

obviously by the title you can infere 2 things...

1: i need therapy

2: i found a therapist

i found her in an unlikely spot. a place i have been to before but never knew the potential...

i wish i had more build up than that, but i don't.

the treadmill is my new therapist.

for those of you who are new here i am on a quest to be "healthy". and by that i mean drop about 70 pounds. a large undertaking i know, but i think i can do it. i have been at it for a month and a half and haven't quit yet.

i belong to the gym at work, and though it is a rather small gym (only 4 treadmills, 4 ellipticals, 2 bikes and some weight crap) i enjoy it there. and besides, 24 dollars a month? please i am cheap and that sounds like a deal maker there.

so anyway, i always use the same treadmill and i run and walk and stretch on her and she really loves me, you know? she never complains if i ate too much, or if i drip sweat on her, or if i neglect her for a day or two. she is always there when i am ready.

since she is so faithful to me i figure maybe i should be a little nicer and stop calling her "that b**ch of a treamill". maybe a sweeter name would be more appropriate in this stage of our relationship, (we have been going steady for 45 days....)

so what should it be? i mean everyday that i have a bad day at work i go up there and run my anger away, i laugh, i sweat like a dirty pig, i stomp on her, i cuss in front of her, i pour out my frustration on her ( and anyone else who happens to be there, which thankfully is people who understand my need to rant and rave and run in funny motions to express my anger).

i entertain the audience of the gym with my antics, and my treadmill is there being my right hand woman ( yes she is a woman, why? she's so supportive and understanding of course).

so i hand it to you, my faithful multitude of readers (all 2 of you) what can i call her?

i need something fabulous and memorable so when i call her that from now on you all know who i am refering to, as in"oh yeah i saw _____ today and we talked it out..."

see what i mean? ok, ladies hope you are having a fabulous day! now my pillow awaits me:)



Kristina P. said...

That's awesome! I haven't quite developed a therapeutic relationship with my elliptical yet.

Cammie said...

I couls so use me some therapy....

Holly said...

Lol this is such a funny post! I'm sorry I don't have any idea for a name for your gym equipment, but good luck with the weight loss :)