Tuesday, February 3, 2009

cozy comfy uggs and guilt, children and tics, snow and me, a birthday, far beyond impossible questions and a thankyou to my Jesus

okay, possibly the longest title from me ever. (in fact it is definitely the longest, after reading that Cammie is about to have, or already does, a hundred posts i counted my own, a whopping 20)

shout out to boomama and dave barnes (click the link to see what i'm talking about)
anyway, i have alot to say today and my heart is full. i suppose the best way to share everything with you is to take it in order from the title:)

I have been wanting a pair of comfy, cozy, super soft, warm uggs since, oh i don't know, for 2 years? i see them on everyone, everywhere, i read about people enjoying their fabulousness, and i am GREEN with envy:) so today, the pair my husband insisted i get for myself came in the mail. I have a lot of guilt over buying things for myself, and usually i do not. i am unsure of where said guilt comes from, just that it is there. and then of course they came today (i only just ordered them saturday) on my husbands birthday. he ran in with the box so excited for me and i was VERY hesitant to even open them, not wanting to steal his thunder and all. he laughed that off and i ripped open the box heart pounding....would they be all that i thought they were?

the answer? a resounding yes! and ladies? the guilt disappeared the moment i slipped by bare feet into them and felt their comforting goodness. I mean boots that keep your feet body temperature no matter what? boots that you can tuck pants into or put them over top off? boots that you wear BAREFOOT!

oh yes, they are mine and i wore them out to breakfast already!

children and tics...well, i dont know where to begin with that one. as you get to know me better you will probably realize all on your won that i am somewhat OCD. i like certain things in order and a particular way. yesterday while out on a date with my son, we had pizza. he loves to sit across the table form me and pretend that everyone thinks we are husband and wife and he insists on a real discussion while we eat. He starts with "so how are you today ife?" and continues on asking and answering questions with a smile. during all this, i notice he is doing the same things to his drink and food each time he eats or sips. it is apparent to me that he doesn't even realize he is doing it. I start laughing and when he asks me why i tell him that i saw him touch the very tip of his straw with the very tip of finger each time before he took a drink. and that each time he ate, he madesure the piece of pizza was precisely perfectly placed on his plate before and after biting. he laughed and said "oh mommy thats how i do it".

i know this is a very small snippet and not very supportive of my tic idea, but it is among many things i noticed him doing, he also has a habit of smoothing his hair down from the crown of his head to his forhead before and after speaking. kinda freaks me out how religiously he does it and how he never seems to notice it. whatever, i guess it isn't anything to stress about, any body else have kids like that?

me and snow? well what can i say except that we are like oil and water. i don't like it. actually it isn't the snow that i mind, it is the COLD that comes along with it. i hate, and i mean HATE being cold. the snow is pretty, i have even been known to play in it once every few years, but i hate being cold. and this is the kinda snow that isn't even sticking! why bother?

On a happy and normal note, today is my husbands 27th birthday! i love you so much pumpkin and even though i asked you not to read my blog, i want everyone else to know that even though you are getting old and all, i still love you:)

so all children ask at some point or another "where do babies come from?" and "why is the sky blue?" and whatnot...

let me ask you this....

"mommy, why do you smoke cigarettes?" as we are at the counter buying a carton. (and i know some of you are thinking: well why do you smoke and also thinking: why would you take your kid with you to buy cigarettes? well, thankyou for your judgements and also thankyou for keeping them to yourselves)(oh yeah and i dont smoke around my kid)
me-"well i do honey"

him-"do you exercise every day to get rid of the smoke?"

me-"no, i exercise to get rid of my fat belly"

him-"maybe you're fat because you smoke"

i just laughed, i mean what else could i say? i do n o lie to my child and he knows i smoke, though it isn't around him. and he always lets me know how bad it is and that he will never smoke, now he lets me know its why i'm fat. lovely.

and one more impossible question...

"mommy, where was i before i was born. and before i was in your tummy. and before i was the egg. and before i was even thought of?"


"i mean was i an angel with GOD?"

of course i really don't know, but i ask himm what does he think since that is my usual reply to something i really have no idea of an answer...

"i think i'm right, i was with God in heaven and i played with Him all day long. i always am right, right mommy?"

i'll end that topic with that phrase seeing as i still don't have a really good answer for that one.

And now for my thankyou to Jesus. in writing all of this, it causes me to sit back and think about how full my life is. how happy and thankful Jesus has allowed me to be. How many people and events in my life that i am thankful for. there was a time when i was so sad, so uncaring i couldn't even begin to see the rainbow at the end. Jesus was there, but i only allowed Him whispering space in my head, only allowed Him to speak quietly about how to be faithful to Him. now i see, He was always there. And He has given me much.

So with a full heart and thankful spirit i will end for today.
thankyou friends for spending this bit of time with me.


Cammie said...

great post! My feet have feetgasms every time I put them in my uggs....which is often. careful wearing them without socks...they may get stinky....quit smoking....it is bad for you....happy bday to your DH.....how is this for random long comments?