Thursday, February 5, 2009

it is freakin cold out, i love these jeans, i kicked the gyms ass today! and how many more days of work?

ok, so now it seems that is becoming a habit to list far too much info in my title, maybe i am hoping to entice people to read what i have to say, as if it is so super interesting....

so it is precisely 17 degress outside, and the windchill is ZERO! i nearly froze coming out of work this morning. I swear just last week i was walking around without the heat on and even last night it was cold, but today it is COLD! the snot was trying to freeze inside my nose, and being that i have never possessed the talent to blow my own nose, i was stuck with a sort of stiffness that wasn't painful, but fully there. anyway, anytime snot can freeze while still inside your body....thats too cold. anyone have a spare room in their home that they are willing to generously donate to one freezing female?

i was shopping for my husband and my son was with me and we were having a grand time.....
for some reason as we were in the jc penney's, i decided i needed to try on a pair of jeans. i am not sure why i tried to ruin a perfectly good day with this exercise, but apparently i can't resist a chance to make myself feel terrible. i never have good luck trying on jeans, and the only thing i have ever come away with is a sweaty face (why do they make those dressing rooms so HOT?) and poor self esteem. so anyway i tried on a few pairs and i swear even though they were all the same size, none of them fit the same, or really even at all. so, in one last desperate attempt, i grabbed a pair, right size, right rise (i cannot wear those low rise barely above the pubic hair jeans) and went to the dressing room. my son looks up at me and says "mommy i won't ask any questions so you can concentrate, i really am getting tired" thanks for your support son. So he continues to pretend we are in a hotel room and leaves me be, i try on the jeans, i can't believe they are sliding up my legs with ease, and my eyes get even wider as they are going over my hips with ease, and then before i knew it i was buttoning and zipping them....and they are PERFECT! medium blue wash, midrise, boot cut, size (yeah right) liz the company jeans, on sale at jc penneys. all i can say is wow! i wore them the other day and i felt like a million bucks. :)

so, you pobably don't know (cuz i haven't been doing this that long) but i have struggled with my weight for yers. I was thin as a kid, teenage and newly wed, but the moment i conceived i began putting on weight and haven't stopped since (my son is 7). i guess i will be brutally honest here, but i must warn you if you have recently eaten or have a weak gag reflex, you may not want to read this...

i weighed approx. 125-130 pounds, mostly since i was 12, i also am 5 foot 6 inches tall. so i was a little on the thin side, the day i gave birth, i weighed 246. yup, i kid you not. i literally doubled my weight during pregnancy, now there were a lot of health factors, and i struggled just to keep that kid inside me...but the fact still remains, after getting put on bedrest, i discovered the joy of laying in my bed, eating my heart out and talk shows.

i had my son at 35 weeks, he was a whopping 9lbs, 7 oz, ( and yes it was vaginal delivery) and this past november, i still weighed th 246.

it disgusts me to write it. err....type it.

and *gasp* heaven forbid someone i know reads this!

so i started working out and eating better and even drinking fluids better, at this point i am down to 223. and i am doing 41 minutes on the treadmill. today i had the incline at 2, and i ran 3 minutes at 4.1 mph and walked 1 minute at 3.6 mph. walk, run, walk, run. and i made it all the way through without feeling like i might die before i finish! so, month one down......

again, since we are just getting to know eachother, i should explain my job. I am an RN working ona cardiac stepdown unit. i work 80 hours over 2 weeks. this includes 6 twelve hour shifts and 1 eight hour shift every 2 weeks. i can schedule it how i want, with management adjusting only as needed. so even though my lazy butt has been off since last thursday night (oh by the way i work 7pm to 7am) i went back last night and i will be there every night until i leave sunday morning. That makes for a long weekend!
keep me in mind while you are enjoying your weekend, i will be saving lives (or at least wiping some ass) and healing people!

i guess that is it, everyone wish cammie a fabulous girls weekend!!!!!

and jodie congrats!!!!



Cammie said...

why thank you for the shout out! And good for you for kicking the gym's ass. I hate trying clothes on too....nothing can piss me off faster

Kent, Jodie and Asher said...

Thank you for the shout out! Yeah, I don't like trying on clothes either. No bueno!
I need some Jineen convo....where are you? LoL