Tuesday, February 10, 2009

pizza is for your tummy, not your face and blankets are for your bed not your tummy

ok, so maybe you don't know this about me, but i have briefly touched on the subject and will now go further than i probably should.

most of my life i have had good, clear skin. no problems with acne, maybe a pimple or two around my period. then i went on the depo shot after having my son and never had a period, therefore, no acne.

but for some unimaginable reason, this past may i turned 26 and my birthday gift to myself?

you guessed it zits.

not even a few, many. all around my cheeks, chin and upper lip. who does that? acne when you are an adult? not only that, but i have a compulsive obsession with popping them. leading to some small scarring. wtf?

i have tried so many things, i am desperate for a solution.

i even went so far as to add myself to the millions trying proactive and having wonderful, life changing results.

bit wasn't wonderful, or lifechanging. it wasn't even delivered on time. i fooled myself into thinking if i just stuck with it, it would make my skin magically wonderful. it did not. after 5 months, i just plain give up.

i had asked for some help and recieved advice from one woman, which i will be trying in the days to come, but i thought i migh open it up.

is any other grown woman suffering from pizza face? is concealer your must have makeup tool?

my skin is oily in the t-zone and dry on the cheeks. i promise you i have tried so much, i am unsure if you will be able to help, but maybe we can all learn a trick or two.....

on a funnier note that i must mention, while i was at the hospital working last night, there was a 92 year old woman there who had a heart attack and was staying with us until a nursing home bed became available. we had her set up in a chair in the hallway because she was confused out of her mind, ( i mean for goodness sake, she is 92). anyway, as i walk up the hall she looks up at me with a guilty look on her face and she has a big chunk of her blanket in her mouth, and she is chewing it. yup, you read it right, chewing it.

i ask her "ms. so and so, why are you chewing your blanket?"

she replies to me, "well honey this is the toughest side of beef i have ever had! i just don't know what i did wrong! i bought it and cooked it and it is so tough!"

and all the while she is trying her hardest to bite off a piece of the blanket...

i try to explain to her that she is chewing her blanket and she says "well what the heck is this beef made of?"

"well cotton and fiber, honey, its a blanket"

"well, i swear it is the absolute worst side of beef"

i attempt to take the blanket out of her mouth which only prompts her to call me

"son of a b**ch"

"oh ms. so and so, you shouldn't say things like that! i just don't want you eating your blanket!"

" well you can go straight to hell"

and with that she continued happily chewing at her blanket mumbling about finding a not so tough piece of beef.

i am still laughing, and although it may not be as funny written out, be sure i was at a loss for words and laughing my behind off when it happened!

hope you find a good cut of meat today!'
with "tenderest" thoughts