Sunday, February 22, 2009

to tuck or not to tuck ......fix it up friday! (on sunday)

so i guess i am having a hard time actually getting the friday post up on friday, but i pat myself on the back for getting it done every week. (feel free to pat me on the back as well)

this week we are going to talk about tucking things in. there are so many things to tuck in, but i am gonna focus on tucking pants into boots.

i went to a college hockey game this weekend with my husband, dom, his dad, stepmom and their little boy. pretty much every girl there had boots on and had their jeans/stretch pants/leggings tucked in. i wore my uggs (of course, did you know there is ice at hockey games?)
anyway. i didn't tuck mine in. i ddin't have on skinny jeans ( do they make those in my size?). i was so caught between feeling like some of those girls looked like complete sluts to thinking, wow! i want to wear that!

so this part of fix it up friday (on sunday) is open for discussion.....i will post some links and you tell me what you think is age appropriate......(i am 26 but please give your opinion for any age)

first, lets see the skinny jean tucked into uggs like this, i totally think it is cute, and probably ok for anyone up until 35 or 40....esp. in winter time...

or you could tuck sweatpants in like this,(you'll notice there is no link here because ater spending like2 hours searching for a picture, i still can't find one but suffice it to say, i do not like sweat pants tucked into boots) though i guess i am not a fan of this look (and it seems popular only among college age girls...(and though i will be back in college in the fall, the important word here is college age, which i am not)

then you have the dressier boot with tucked in leggings or jeans, or a dress, and i have to be honestly i totally want to rock this look, and this one

and this one

and this one.

and this one. (maybe without the belt or eye makeup)9 i just don't get the whole belt around the waist just kinda hanging out thing...)

but not this one or this one! (i do not like fringe of any kind and this outfit just makes me wanna shut my eyes)

i am becoming somewhat of a fashion glutton.......

so what do you think ladies? how do you wear 'em? how would you wear 'em?

hope everyone had a fabulous sunday! get ready for not me monday tomorrow!



Kristina P. said...

I wish I could do the whole tucking into boots thing. But alas, I don't have skinny little legs.

Melissa said...

*patting you on the back* ;O

Yeah, the whole boot thing...blahhhh So wish I could pull that look off.
My view...age has nothing to do with it. It's all about body size.

The knee high boots with leggings or pants tucked in...only should be donned by those that are of average weight and height (and note that I've already said I CAN'T pull this look off).

The ladies that do so TRYING to pull this look off..OMG..just because they make it in your size...does NOT mean you should wear it.

Hope you had a great weekend and are rested for the work week.

Cammie said...

I have tuck envy. I want to tuck so bad I cant stand it. But, I look like a tool

jineen said...

i should mention that i too have tuck envy, and am hoping if i am faithful to guinevere i will be able to pull off the look, but at this current point? not a chance...