Monday, February 16, 2009

fix it up friday!!!! (i didn't forget!!!!!) and not me monday (a meeting of minds)

i know, i know. that's why i have the r.i.p. socks on at first.

so lets not waste anytime getting rid of that scary site first you need this

go ahead and remove all traces of previous nail polish, even if you didn't have any on, the remover can help you get a good clean nail bed. once you've removed all polish, wash your feet and dry thoroughly. they will look like this (and no i do not have fungus, i make the sacrifice of always having my toes painted meaning they look a bit yellowed from never breathing.... i'm not worried.....

now is the time to make sure they are cut, and even. you don't want to cut them into the nail bed, but you don't want to be scratching your man at night with your feet. then take the file to them and make 'em all nice and straight, like this

i love to use my favorite lotion on my feet to soften tham and make them smell fabulous and fresh. i pretend like i am buying it for my son, and i do love to use it on him, but i love it for me too :)

now paint one thin coat on toe nails. once that is completely dry, i like to paint on the top of the nail so it doesn't chip so easy like this

and then one more coat on them. don't be concerned if you go over the edges, the next time you shower, it will clean itself up nicely.

and the finished product!

( i can't get the button to come up right this week, sorry!)

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

and now for a few not me mondays..........

this week i did not yet again neglect to get my eye brows waxed and instead resort to plucking and picking monday morning so my tribute to bert of sesame street could finally end!

i did not totally loose my cool in traffic and resign myself to living right there on I95 for the rest of my life

i did not sit for an hour and a half on the floor of my sons room watching him re-enact his version of willy wonka and the chocolate factory, becoming rather pissed when i realized he knew the entire movie!

while trying to decide what to do for valentines day with my husband, i did not decide to go and get new tattoos ( which we have done every valentines for the last few years) and get my head tattooed ( yes my head)!

i did not change clothes in my car simply because i was too lazy to walk back into the building to do it at work

i did not eat a junior bacon cheese burger from wendys despite my swearing off fast food burgers on account of what it does to my gut, and then reaping the diarrhea *cough* colon cleansing effects later on

when the above happened, i then most certainly did not hear my husband keeping the tv muted and laughing at the "explosive" noises coming from the bathroom (which he later told me he did because he wanted to make sure i was ok)

i did not sleep 14 hours away blaming it on my body being tired from my period

and finally......

i would never, and most certainly did not, once again put off the laundry until this morning before i go to bed from the whole week last week (maybe i should just name monday morning as laundry day)

hope your monday starts off well!



Kristina P. said...

I LOVE pedicures, and I have been thinking about getting one today. It's been months!