Sunday, February 15, 2009

my valentine

so, you may be thinking after my last post that i over share. so here is some more overshare :) i want you to know who i am and why i am me. i am so happy that people are actually reading what i have to say, i suppose every once and again i have to show my serious side. i have done this once before on this blog and if you want to read that story (yes its a true story) you can look here. i warn you grab a tissue (it kind of took me a while to figure out which direction my blog was going in and so my earlier posts are kind of all over the place)

you may know from my profile that i am 26 years old, married and have one son.

my husband and i have been married for about 8 and a half years, but have been best friends since we were 10. i know, thats a mix of a cinderella fairy princess story and gag me, how can anyone really meet their "soulmate" at 10?

its true. when i was 8 i met my best friend in the whole world, melanie, and even though we are not as close now as we once were, the memories tend to bring us back together when we do keep in touch. anyway she and i grew together and became very good friends. my mom started homeschooling me when i was 10 and then i met my husband, who went to the same church as me and was also homeschooled by his mom. we were both the oldest of 4 kids at the time (my mom still has four, his mom has six, yup and her youngest two are ages 6 and 3, but thats another story)

so anyway, i became friends with jeremy because we were forced to do school at home and we were the oldest and whatever. when me and my best friend and jeremy were all 12, melanie got this hugest crush on jeremy. she followed him everywhere and since he and i were friends she wanted me to convince him that he liked her. she even called him at his house and asked him to a dance at her school (yeah, she went to real school). he told her he had to wash his hair.

even now i laugh at that, she was crushed and i had to listen to how much she liked him , and then on the other side of it, i had to hear about how he couldn't stand her and wanted nothing to do with her and how funny he thought it was that he told her he was washing her hair.
so anyway, over the next few months it become somewhat obvious to everyone but me that jeremy and i liked eachother. we flirted and played and spent time together and i never really thought about it, i couldn't like him because my best friend did. but one night when we were at church, i stole his moms blockbuster card and wouldn't give it back. (i know you must be thinking wtf? but hey i was 12). so anyway we chased all over and i teased him to no end about it. when finally he cornered me in a room and had me pressed up against the wall looking at me. i looked back and realized how much i liked him. i felt so guilty. i threw the card at him and ran away, but the damage was done. whats worse is being that she was my best friend, melanie knew. she knew.

she told me one night, it was ok, she understood and when we talked about him, she could tell the way my face changed that i liked him and that it was obvious he liked me too. she told me to go for it with no hard feelings.

well, of course go for what? we were 12. so we continued our cat and mouse game until right before my 13th birthday and then he wrote me a note in church. he didn't know how to spell my name and in typical 13 year old fashion, he titled the letter like that. (i still have it) and gave it to me in a brown paper bag (which i still have as well).

it went something like this:

dear sorry-i-don't-know-how-to-spell-your-name,

i really like you and wanted to know if you want to go out with me? circle yes or no.

love jeremy

yes no

well, i was beyond excited, and circled yes and gave it to melanie to give to him. (there was a way to do things here folks, and i certainly couldn't give it to him myself!) so she wrote my name on there and gave it back.

according to him, when he opened it just a bit he saw this: j
and thought it said just friends, but it really said jineen ferreira which was my maiden name.

anyway, when i saw him later i was smiling and nodding at him and he was looking at me like i was crazy. somehow over the next few days we figured it out, and then promptly began ignoring eachother, because if we didn't then everyone would know.

finally we let people know, and we have been together ever since. oh there is plenty more in between and some day i'll let it out in bits and pieces. but suffice it to say, by the time we turned 18, we knew we would be together forever.

we got engaged the day after i turned 18 and married 3 months later.

again, there are so many things that have brought us to where we are now, and i will enjoy sharing those stories over the life time of this blog, but that is the beginning. how we got started. little did we know then that it would prepare us for the things we deal with now.

i know it sounds a bit like a fairy tale, and i hope you don't barf while reading this, if you do feel the need to bring up your lunch, complimentary bark bags are available here. and trust me, there ar just as many hard stories as fairy tale ones.

little did we know, that God knew we would need that strong beginning to get us through the rest of this life, but He knew, and He gave us eachother.

i would love to hear the story of how you and your significant other met! please share on the comments!

hope everyone had a great valentines day, i spent mine doing this.


Cammie said...

I think your story is awesome....even if it is barfalicious! Not many people can say they met their soul mate that young. KICK ASS TATTOOs'''''Im very jealous.