Friday, February 6, 2009

Fix it up friday is here!!!

**ok, so it is much harder than i thought to keep this up, every friday, i mean really. i guess i have only done it once so far, but maybe because of the kind of shift i do, i tend to completely lose track of the days and have only just now realized that it is in fact friday. so.....what to do for this weeks fix it up friday? there are really so many choices, its just that i want to make it interesting and fun, so what can i do it on?

this week fix it up friday will feature.......**

Okay, so honestly, that is as far as i got, and then i went to bed. its okay though, because i have a good excuse. I had to work this weekend and now in the last 3 days have finished 44 hours of work. oh and that comes with a grand total of one night off before i go back for another 32 hours in two and a half days.

you may or may not be able to tell from this post tha ti am so very excited about the fact that the only thing i have done lately is work and sleep. and sometime i went potty. now i am having a drink and getting ready for bed. (oh yeah i guess i was faithful to that b**ch of a treadmill too..)

anyway, i promise i will be more prepared for next friday, i mean really, who tries to make up some cute catch phrase theme for her blog, does it for one week and then gets tired?

so, i will finish my drink and raise my glass to you my reader, and then off to bed for many hours:)