Saturday, February 28, 2009

someone is on to me......

*update: thankyou just a chic, i was trying and trying to fix it and saw you commented and now it is perfect, thankyou for going to the trouble to help me, god knows i need help:)

i am feeling the love today as my new bloggy friend over at it is what it is gave me lots of bloggy love, and i am gonna repeat what she said to me....i heart her blog and think you should be stalking it as i do..... she is honest and open and real.......

so it is saturday and my schedule is all f*cked up normal evidenced by me being up at this time of day....(hey over there at it is what it is, you taught me well:) and i am all out of sorts. there are probably many reasons why that is but i think it all comes down to one thing.

someone is on to me....

on to the fact that there is a new love in my life. a new someone who gives me pleasure and pain. a new someone who i see often...who helps me look to the future and see beyond today....

i worked three 12 hour shifts this week right in a row...and with only 4 hours of sleep in between each one, i am sure you know how tired i was.....and i was coming down with a cold (i'm sure you read it previously) and someone else had a hot pocket and i didn't, and work was....well work, how many behinds can you wipe before you begin to become tired....

anyway, the end of the morning finally came....and after allowing my boss to convince me that i did in fact want to come in for four 8 hour shifts and then two 12 hour shifts next week instead of my usual schedule i was looking forward to one thing....

so i grabbed these

and this

and walked into the gym and found this


someone, who is a very large pain in my ass shall remain name-less had put this on my beloved guinevere :(

why would they do such a thing i ask you? well because they all know how much i love her and they love to mess with me! someone who joined the gym after me and because of my recommendation, once used my treadmill and i conveyed to them the fact that she belongs to me and ever since it is a race to see who can get to her first.

i went up there, ready to pound out my misery to her every listening ears and bam!

you can imagine my agony!

i looked at the person with whom i work on the left of me, who continued to run on their treadmill, and then i looked at the gym instructor at the front of the room, who avoided my stare (hhmmmm...she knows something) and i looked back at guinevere. all her lights were off, could she really be broken?

no, that hand writing looks familiar....

i look all around at everyone again....careful examining their faces for a sign of guilt.


i think over my options in my mind....

a) look all over guinevere for the on/off button, or look for the plug and get her working again...

b) give up and not look llike a complete paranoid dumbass and just use another treadmill

i longingly looked at guinevere......and gave up.

i got on a different treadmill and started inputting all my info (weight, incline, pace, etc.) with a lonely space in my heart...


the moment i stepped off her, and began inputting my info into the other treadmill ( i am sorry for cheating on you guinevere) the gym istructor starting laughing as did my co-workers (and all of them with shit eating grins on their faces) and she went over and plugged my beloved treadmill back in!

I grabbed the note and crumpled it up ( hence the wrinkles) and got back on the treadmill which already had all my info in it and finished my workout.

such conspiracy!

and do you want to add insult to injury? i recieved the following text message last night....

"i am gonna r*pe the f**k out of your treadmill tomorrow!"

now r*ping my teadmill just because i won't be there to take care of her is just plain wrong. never mind the fact that we constantly joke about r*ping things we use instead of just calling it using would never use such language on a regular basis, this isn't funny, i NEED her!

now it is war.....

any suggestions for how to get the unmentionable person back?

hope you are all having a great weekend!

*p.s. i will be answering all questions for my q and a i just wanted to wait a few days and also i know i abused the line through words thing, but i just leasrned how to do it and couldn't resist, i will take it easy in the future:)


Friday, February 27, 2009

tell me what you want to know!

ok, i thought i already posted this but for some reason it isn't showing up......

anyway i will try my best to repeat it...

so i am getting a cold, evidenced by my sneezing over 100 times so far this night ( yeah i counted....) and my eyes are watery and my throat is sore.....i feel like i am dying but i am sure it isn't the case....i'll keep you posted..

anyway, that and the fact that someone next to me is eating a hot pocket, which quite frankly looks and smells so freakin good, i am considering snatching it out of her hands....(even despite my mouth germ phobia) ( i love hot pockets but haven't eaten one since i started trying to lose weight).

so the hot pocket and fluff filled head are making it impossible for me to think of anything coherent on here, that and the fact that i am at work and keep pausing my typing to answer a question or wipe a behind...

so...since cammie is my blog idol, i will follow in her foot steps and leave the floor open to you all. What do you want to know about me? yup, Q and A time.
I will answer every question, no topic is off limits....just be forewarned i will answer very honestly!

i will post the answers in a few days and we will all have a good laugh:)


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

a quickie:)

hello all! i need to get my behind in bed, but before i do i want to say THANKYOU! i can't believe people are actually signing up to read this thing and commenting! maybe its because i am tired, or maybe its because i have a few shots of southern comfort in my belly, either way i am emotional about the fact that you all are here! again thankyou and have a freakin fabulous day!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

pay it forward!

this is from another blog belonging to becky, and she's doing a giveaway which i never really win, but trying!!!!
thakyou becky for being so generous,. and thank you to all the people who think i have anything interesting to say! thanks for coming, keep coming back! i love you all!!!!

I l♥ve these types of things!!! The first 3 people to leave a comment on this post will receive a handmade gift from me during this year. When and what will be only for me to know and you to find out!There's a small catch though....Post this same thing on yourblog and then come back and leave a comment telling me you're in. Remember, only the first 3 comments receive the gift.*Don't forget to post this on your blog first,then come back and leave a comment on this post!**There is still one spot left!!!*

my pet peeves

ok, i said i wasn't going to post two times in one day, especially considering my ass should be in bed because i need to get up tonight and go to work, but.......
this sounds like a more "open" version of not me monday and i can not resist.

Mama Loco

mama loco thankyou for giving us this opportunity!

my pet peeves, oh there are so many to choose form but i will list just a few here today...

people talking on those ear pieces while walking around in the grocery store. yes i have a blue tooth too, but i use it in the car, i swear it makes me look like a total dumbass because i constantly make the mistake of talking back to them and then they look at me like i am crazy!

when people go out and the woman looks like she stepped out of cosmo magazine, hair makeup nails, clothes all perfect...and yet her kid looks a hot mess. liek she couldn't even comb their hair that morning (probably because she was so busy applying eyeliner....) don't get me wrong sometimes my kid is a hot mess too, but you can be damn sure i am probably afraid to look in a mirror at that point as well.....

people who don't use their turn signals. i am deeply sorry that i am not a mind reader, when you are changing lanes it would be very courteous if you would let me know. that stick thingy on the left of your steering wheel, yeah they put it there for a reason!

judgemental people. yeah i know my husband has a mohawk and a beard that is like 8 inches long, and stretched out ear holes and tattooed arms, but when he holds the door for you and says ma'am/sir, please don't look at him as though satans spawn has just spoken to you. you don't know my man. his heart is bigger than your whole body.

people who complain about their childrens runny noses. now, to be fair i do not mind if you complain about them being sick, but there is one person in my life who finds it appropriate to complain about her daughter have a cold/G.I. bug every other day, and she acts as if it is the end of the world. and like i said i never mind hearing it, sick kids aren't fun. EVER. kid has a tumor the size of a tennis ball wrapped around his spinal cord and it could cause him to lose his ability to walk. and i live with it everyday. i win.

ok. thats it for now. please keep coming back. i am not this hateful all the time. mama loco, you should be charging money for this therapy!

everyone else, you should do this post, it is very therapeutic!


Monday, February 23, 2009

mommy, can we talk?

when you see that sweet, innocent face you would never think of the things that come out of his mouth. this post is dedicated to my son, some day he will read this and know what we as his parents were forced to put up with, and may God bless him with a child just like him:)

let me recount some conversations we've had over the last year or so....

(this first story i told once before on the blog i share with my husband and have really not updated in a long time)

dom hops in my lap "hold me like a baby mommy"

i grab him up and look down in his sweet face.

"i'm a boy right mommy?"


"and daddy's a boy, right?"


"and you're a girl"

"yeah" i start to realize he is going somewhere with this...

"cuz daddy and i have s-o-p-o-t's"

(side note an s-o-p-o-t is dom's spelling for penis, jerm and i used to spell things we didn't want him to know about, and so he decided since he isn't allowed to say penis outside of the house, he would spell it with his favorite letters-thus s-o-p-o-t)

"and your s-o-p-o-t fell off"

"well, mine didn't fall off, but thats right, thats difference"

"and daddy has a beard and mustache"


"and i will too when i grow up"


"but not you, cuz you are a girl"

"um, yes"

"well, (and here he furrows his brow and squints his eyes, indicating his deep thought) how come i see one on you?" (he touches my upper lip)

"oh thanks dom"

he has now pointed out that my mustache has overgrown its limit

"i think you should take care of that so people don't think you are my daddy when we go out, daddy says you could wax it"

apparently they have discussed my mustache. delightful.

onto the next one......

now, without getting into too much detail, (i want to keep this light) my son was born with some congenital birth defects and has had multiple surgeries, and he has a tumor, and basically he is 7 but has no control over bowel movements, so he wears a pull-up. (hopefully no one is thinking that is an excuse, or how terrible it is that he wears it, if you are, you have no idea)

anyway, he wears a pullup and takes a large amount of laxatives daily to keep him moving, since his little body can't do it on its own....sadly for us and the ozone, this causes some particularly foul smelling poop. we lovingly refer to it as "swamp ass".(also, i never thought he really apid much attention to us talking....) i know, how terrible right? well, you have to keep it light otherwise the sadness of his problem is overwhelming. so anyway.....

thanksgiving day....

"lets all say what we are thankful for, ok?"

someone:" i'm thankful for food, there are so many people who are hungry, and we have plenty"

jerm:" i'm thankful for my wife and son, i love them and they keep me happy"

someone:" i'm thankful for health"

me:" i'm thankful for our family, and how we have been blessed with eachother"

dom:" i'm thankful for wipes, they really get the swamp ass clean."

and he smiles quite proudly.....(don't worry dom, i'm thankful for them too)

this next one is from a few years ago, and i hope we don't come out looking too bad...

dom didn't leave the house except to go to the hospital for almost the first 2 years of life....then he went to a preschool that wasn't super diverse.....

though we didn't intend for it to be this way, he didn't really ever meet people that weren't white. so on a trip to the grocery store, just at the point in his life when he was really starting to notice all the differences between people (we are talking 3 years old here)...we were standing in line, and there were some guys standing in front of us and they were black. i'm not even noticing it, but he is staring.....

now they were being kind of loud, and they were kinda big ( again i hope i am not sounding totally racist, because i am not)


"yes dom"

"the easter bunny is coming soon"


"and he goes to every kid"


"and he likes us all"


"and we all get candy"


"well", and he takes a big breath and gets louder"is he white like us? or brown like them?" and points ahead of us


they all turn around to see what i am going to say.....

and in all my genius, i think i have the perfect answer....

"well, i don't really know, because i haven't ever seen him, he comes while we are sleeping"

and smiles back up at me.....

"well, maybe there are two, a peach one for us since we are peach and a brown for them since they are brown"

we did have a long talk when we got home about how god made us all different colors, shapes and sizes and we shouldn't talk about it except in our own home, cuz we wouldn't want to hurt anyones feelings, and honestly beyond that point it never seemed to come up again, thankgoodness!

dom is fatally allergic to nuts, and so a lot of our life is about keeping them away from him...


"yes, dom"

"you and daddy found eachother because God put you together, right?"


"and God knows what he is doing, right?"


"do you think he knows what he is doing all the time?"


"well, i want to have a wife when i grown up"

"i think you will have one"

"well, do you think God made someone out there just for me?"

"i sure do, honey"

"well, do you think she will be searching for me, like i will be searching for her?"

( i know you are thinking at this point...awww how sweet....stop thinking it)

"i sure do"

"and do you think she will love me?"

"yes i do"

"well i hope she is allergic to nuts too, otherwise i will not be loving her"

"well, honey, she may not be allergic to nuts, but she will learn to be careful, and you can still love her"

"nope, not gonna happen"

"well, it might, you never know who God is gonna match you up with"

"well, i'm gonna hope for someone allergic, and if she isn't, i will pray for God to make her allergic"

i guess he is quite proud of his plan, he happily ran away and continued playing.

so i guess i will end the display of terrible parenting, feel free to nominate me for mother of the year, my skills really are enviable :)


once again....monday snuck up on me!

its that time folks...

that therapuetic, nasty habit revealing, let it all hang out, divulging of secrets.......

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

ok, i wish i had some fabulous things to put, or should i say delightful?........ anyway, everyone else always has super funny not me mondays, but i'm pretty average so brace yourself.....

i did not have a small temper tantrum, including stomping of feet, because someone else was using guinevere (someone who knows that she belongs to me), i would never do that because there were 4 other people in the room and also a security camera, and besides, i'm a big girl now...

also among the things i did not do? i would never, ever make a sex joke at work to my boss, in front of 8 new students because i was desperately tired, and she did not laugh hysterically because she was exhausted as well, despite glares from the instructor.....

i did not miss the long anticipated superbox seat, vip parking and lounge hockey game on thursday, instead opting to sit on the living floor me with a trashcan and my son with a bucket waiting to purge my body of the churned up food laying in my belly, (we kept eachother's spirits high me and that 7 year old with talk of what we would do once we weren't sick and dying anymore)

i did not completely ignore a call from work requesting me to come in for an extra shift, i didn't do that because it is generally courteous to at least call back with an excuse, which i didn't really have.....

i did not go to a hockey game with a bag the size of a small suitcase on my shoulder, (everything which is personally necessary and conveniently posted previously for your viewing pleasure) and then stand for 2.5 hours while carrying it simply because everyone else was standing....

i would never try to have a conversation with my son while simultaneously watching a t.v. show, and just nod my head and say yes to everything he said, including but not limited to...

---after the baby comes out of the mommy's tummy, they do one last test to see if they are allergic to nuts.......nod, nod "yes"

---they cut that tube (a.k.a. umbilical cord) so that all the water the baby drank can come out.......nod, nod "yes"

---i am an alien hunter and this is the gun i will use to kill them, don't you wanna be one too?.......nod, nod "yes"

---mommy are you listening?.......nod, nod "yes"

i certainly did not go to philly with some girlfriends for one of their 26th birthday party, and dance until 2am in a club and then discuss all of our sexlives in vivid details on the way home...

i did not realize that there was still some presents from christmas waiting to be put away, and then agree to do it "some time" over these next few days...(i'm also sure i did not hear some kind of snort escape from my husband when i did not say i would get to it)

and lastly i did not decide to go ahead with the so called plan to change laundry day to monday, and then use that as an excuse to wait until monday to do any scrap of laundry....

well there you have it, another successful week of completing everything and doing it all the right way....NOT!

happy monday to everyone! jineen

Sunday, February 22, 2009

to tuck or not to tuck ......fix it up friday! (on sunday)

so i guess i am having a hard time actually getting the friday post up on friday, but i pat myself on the back for getting it done every week. (feel free to pat me on the back as well)

this week we are going to talk about tucking things in. there are so many things to tuck in, but i am gonna focus on tucking pants into boots.

i went to a college hockey game this weekend with my husband, dom, his dad, stepmom and their little boy. pretty much every girl there had boots on and had their jeans/stretch pants/leggings tucked in. i wore my uggs (of course, did you know there is ice at hockey games?)
anyway. i didn't tuck mine in. i ddin't have on skinny jeans ( do they make those in my size?). i was so caught between feeling like some of those girls looked like complete sluts to thinking, wow! i want to wear that!

so this part of fix it up friday (on sunday) is open for discussion.....i will post some links and you tell me what you think is age appropriate......(i am 26 but please give your opinion for any age)

first, lets see the skinny jean tucked into uggs like this, i totally think it is cute, and probably ok for anyone up until 35 or 40....esp. in winter time...

or you could tuck sweatpants in like this,(you'll notice there is no link here because ater spending like2 hours searching for a picture, i still can't find one but suffice it to say, i do not like sweat pants tucked into boots) though i guess i am not a fan of this look (and it seems popular only among college age girls...(and though i will be back in college in the fall, the important word here is college age, which i am not)

then you have the dressier boot with tucked in leggings or jeans, or a dress, and i have to be honestly i totally want to rock this look, and this one

and this one

and this one.

and this one. (maybe without the belt or eye makeup)9 i just don't get the whole belt around the waist just kinda hanging out thing...)

but not this one or this one! (i do not like fringe of any kind and this outfit just makes me wanna shut my eyes)

i am becoming somewhat of a fashion glutton.......

so what do you think ladies? how do you wear 'em? how would you wear 'em?

hope everyone had a fabulous sunday! get ready for not me monday tomorrow!


Friday, February 20, 2009

it's been a while and i've missed you:)

so i have been neglectful over the past few days, in writing that is. of course i stalk the blogs i love to read every day.....

i have good excuses though, tuesday morning i had to exercise and i nearly had an actual temper tantrum because someone else was using guinevere, i almost pushed him right off, but they have cameras in there and so in the interest of not being arrested for assault, i used the treadmill next to her. but i stared at her the whole time so she wouldn't be upset. by the time i got home and calmed down from not using her i was exhausted and add a drink (yes i drank in the morning) i fell asleep......

only to wake up and head back to work, where on tuesday morning a last minute transport from one hospital to the next requiring me to ride in an ambulance with the patient took up all my time and then into the bosses office......

then one more time back to work and when i got home that morning i was caring for my son who was sick for the first time this winter and though he never did throw up just the thought was making him worse. seeing as how i stayed up for about 26 hours and ended up sleeping on the living room floor with him, i wasn't feeling so hot myself.

so now i am here and i've missed you, faithful readers. ooops. i meant reader. (its so hard being so popular with all 4 people who read me)

anyway, congrats to cammie who got more than her desired 100 comments on her 100th post! i freakin love that girls blog and if you aren't reading it, you should be!

i found out this week my son is an exhibitionist.

i know that is a loaded statement, and at such a young age.....i am sure some may think what are we teaching him...but i'll tell the story anyway..

he got out of the shower and came running out in his towel, all wrapped up with wet hair sticking every which way looking super cute. apparently he was searching for his "sexy spray" which i found out was his axe body spray that daddy taught him to use so he smells good. so i grabbed the camera to take a pic of him because he looked so stinkin cute. as i focused the camera and told him to smile, i guess he forgot that he was wrapped up he put his arms at his side and cocked his head and smiled.....

leaving his whole little body exposed.

he was smiling and proud.

i put the camera down and started laughing and telling him ummmm.....not every one wants to see his private parts.

his response?

"why not mommy? it's delightful."


of course there never was a picture because he thought it was so funny he refused to cover back up and as cute as i think he may be a bit more tasteful (and safe) not to have a picture like that around.

on a more fun note today...i finally made it to the hairdresser and i no longer have to sit on my hair. many inches and some bleach later, i am feeling much better.

it pains me to remember the experience though. at the risk of sounding like a total b**ch, i will tell you it isn't because i don't love being pampered, having my hair shampooed and blownout in a way i will never be able to duplicate and basking in that perfect hair day glow. and it isn't that i don't like the girl who does it, she has been doing all of our hair cuts for years. it isn't even that i had to pay 170 dollars after tip to get it done.

small talk folks.

i can't stand small talk.

i don't mind conversation with people. i enjoy it. even if i don't know someone, if we can find something that keeps the conversation going about something, anything, i am good. but.... what i can't stand is the little questions that end up in yes/no answers or something that no conversation can ever develop from. it drives me up the freakin wall. i would rather sit in silence.

"how is the family?"

"good, you?"

"good. busy"

"yeah, us too"


"ready for summer?"

"yeah, you?"


see what i mean. i felt terrible. why couldn't i find something to talk about? well whatever, there are now several very uninteresting things i know about the girl who does a great job on my hair:

her boyfriend smokes pot

she takes her 15 year old nephew to rated R movies

her boyfriend is 29 and has a 7 year old daughter who lives in texas, who he hasn't seen in 3 years

she is contemplating a tattoo

she lives with her parents still

she doesn't care that her boyfriend smokes pot

wow, my life has seriously changed.....

ok, i will now come back from sarcasm land....

now, for something a little more fun...

the purse tag...

i guess i take a picture of my current purse and then tell you all the things that are in here goes... (you can stop reading now if you don't want to fall asleep, my bag is huge)

first, this bag was given to me from my secret santa at our work christmas party this year. she has pretty good taste and this was definitely the best work gift i've ever gotten.

there are two clips hooked to the straps on the outside. one is always there and the other is there from this morning when i had to wear my hair up prior to getting it done, it usually lives in the bathroom for when i wash my face

now to the outside pocket....

my blackberry my grocery list

orbit gum (my dirty mouth still isn't cleaned up) bacitracin

one red pen one yellow highlighter $30

one dry erase marker $2

three hair elastics nine love notes from hubby

my ipod shuffle and earphones five to-do lists from work

one alcohol swab one saline flush

one pen one bobby pin

$1 quarters my acme card

one sticky note with a friends cell number on it an atm receipt

one sticky note with a password on it 2 listerine whitening strips

one sticky note with 3 birthday wishes on it

one card the when you press your thumb on the black square determines if you are stressed or calm (apparently i am always calm)

now on the inside there is one zippered compartment and it contains:

1 tampon 7 panty liners

7 maxipads 1 nine west tag (guess thats my purse brand)

now the two open pockets:

1 gum wrapper 1 tissue

chapstick lipstick

lipliner mascara

a powder compact 2 love notes from hubby

gum a necklace

and finally the main part of the purse:

1 makeup bag 1wallet

1 bottle of melatonin 1 eyeshadow/blush compact

1 tidepen 1 pair underwear

1 eyeglasses case 2 bottles of perfume

1 bottle excederin keys

1 pair leather gloves 1 contact case

spare pairs of contacts bandage tape

1 headband 2 special k bars

4 pens that work and one that doesn't one pen cap

2 gum wrappers 2 hair elastics

2 makeup brushes my checkbook

one hair clip 2 receipts

2 cake recipes 1 old grocery list

1 piece note paper from a class 2 to-do lists from work

1 piece of paper with bank stuff on it 1 printout about esbl infections

and thats all folks.......

yep, i carry it all around every day.

so whats in your wallet?

cammie.....can i talk about poop too ?


Monday, February 16, 2009

fix it up friday!!!! (i didn't forget!!!!!) and not me monday (a meeting of minds)

i know, i know. that's why i have the r.i.p. socks on at first.

so lets not waste anytime getting rid of that scary site first you need this

go ahead and remove all traces of previous nail polish, even if you didn't have any on, the remover can help you get a good clean nail bed. once you've removed all polish, wash your feet and dry thoroughly. they will look like this (and no i do not have fungus, i make the sacrifice of always having my toes painted meaning they look a bit yellowed from never breathing.... i'm not worried.....

now is the time to make sure they are cut, and even. you don't want to cut them into the nail bed, but you don't want to be scratching your man at night with your feet. then take the file to them and make 'em all nice and straight, like this

i love to use my favorite lotion on my feet to soften tham and make them smell fabulous and fresh. i pretend like i am buying it for my son, and i do love to use it on him, but i love it for me too :)

now paint one thin coat on toe nails. once that is completely dry, i like to paint on the top of the nail so it doesn't chip so easy like this

and then one more coat on them. don't be concerned if you go over the edges, the next time you shower, it will clean itself up nicely.

and the finished product!

( i can't get the button to come up right this week, sorry!)

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

and now for a few not me mondays..........

this week i did not yet again neglect to get my eye brows waxed and instead resort to plucking and picking monday morning so my tribute to bert of sesame street could finally end!

i did not totally loose my cool in traffic and resign myself to living right there on I95 for the rest of my life

i did not sit for an hour and a half on the floor of my sons room watching him re-enact his version of willy wonka and the chocolate factory, becoming rather pissed when i realized he knew the entire movie!

while trying to decide what to do for valentines day with my husband, i did not decide to go and get new tattoos ( which we have done every valentines for the last few years) and get my head tattooed ( yes my head)!

i did not change clothes in my car simply because i was too lazy to walk back into the building to do it at work

i did not eat a junior bacon cheese burger from wendys despite my swearing off fast food burgers on account of what it does to my gut, and then reaping the diarrhea *cough* colon cleansing effects later on

when the above happened, i then most certainly did not hear my husband keeping the tv muted and laughing at the "explosive" noises coming from the bathroom (which he later told me he did because he wanted to make sure i was ok)

i did not sleep 14 hours away blaming it on my body being tired from my period

and finally......

i would never, and most certainly did not, once again put off the laundry until this morning before i go to bed from the whole week last week (maybe i should just name monday morning as laundry day)

hope your monday starts off well!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

my valentine

so, you may be thinking after my last post that i over share. so here is some more overshare :) i want you to know who i am and why i am me. i am so happy that people are actually reading what i have to say, i suppose every once and again i have to show my serious side. i have done this once before on this blog and if you want to read that story (yes its a true story) you can look here. i warn you grab a tissue (it kind of took me a while to figure out which direction my blog was going in and so my earlier posts are kind of all over the place)

you may know from my profile that i am 26 years old, married and have one son.

my husband and i have been married for about 8 and a half years, but have been best friends since we were 10. i know, thats a mix of a cinderella fairy princess story and gag me, how can anyone really meet their "soulmate" at 10?

its true. when i was 8 i met my best friend in the whole world, melanie, and even though we are not as close now as we once were, the memories tend to bring us back together when we do keep in touch. anyway she and i grew together and became very good friends. my mom started homeschooling me when i was 10 and then i met my husband, who went to the same church as me and was also homeschooled by his mom. we were both the oldest of 4 kids at the time (my mom still has four, his mom has six, yup and her youngest two are ages 6 and 3, but thats another story)

so anyway, i became friends with jeremy because we were forced to do school at home and we were the oldest and whatever. when me and my best friend and jeremy were all 12, melanie got this hugest crush on jeremy. she followed him everywhere and since he and i were friends she wanted me to convince him that he liked her. she even called him at his house and asked him to a dance at her school (yeah, she went to real school). he told her he had to wash his hair.

even now i laugh at that, she was crushed and i had to listen to how much she liked him , and then on the other side of it, i had to hear about how he couldn't stand her and wanted nothing to do with her and how funny he thought it was that he told her he was washing her hair.
so anyway, over the next few months it become somewhat obvious to everyone but me that jeremy and i liked eachother. we flirted and played and spent time together and i never really thought about it, i couldn't like him because my best friend did. but one night when we were at church, i stole his moms blockbuster card and wouldn't give it back. (i know you must be thinking wtf? but hey i was 12). so anyway we chased all over and i teased him to no end about it. when finally he cornered me in a room and had me pressed up against the wall looking at me. i looked back and realized how much i liked him. i felt so guilty. i threw the card at him and ran away, but the damage was done. whats worse is being that she was my best friend, melanie knew. she knew.

she told me one night, it was ok, she understood and when we talked about him, she could tell the way my face changed that i liked him and that it was obvious he liked me too. she told me to go for it with no hard feelings.

well, of course go for what? we were 12. so we continued our cat and mouse game until right before my 13th birthday and then he wrote me a note in church. he didn't know how to spell my name and in typical 13 year old fashion, he titled the letter like that. (i still have it) and gave it to me in a brown paper bag (which i still have as well).

it went something like this:

dear sorry-i-don't-know-how-to-spell-your-name,

i really like you and wanted to know if you want to go out with me? circle yes or no.

love jeremy

yes no

well, i was beyond excited, and circled yes and gave it to melanie to give to him. (there was a way to do things here folks, and i certainly couldn't give it to him myself!) so she wrote my name on there and gave it back.

according to him, when he opened it just a bit he saw this: j
and thought it said just friends, but it really said jineen ferreira which was my maiden name.

anyway, when i saw him later i was smiling and nodding at him and he was looking at me like i was crazy. somehow over the next few days we figured it out, and then promptly began ignoring eachother, because if we didn't then everyone would know.

finally we let people know, and we have been together ever since. oh there is plenty more in between and some day i'll let it out in bits and pieces. but suffice it to say, by the time we turned 18, we knew we would be together forever.

we got engaged the day after i turned 18 and married 3 months later.

again, there are so many things that have brought us to where we are now, and i will enjoy sharing those stories over the life time of this blog, but that is the beginning. how we got started. little did we know then that it would prepare us for the things we deal with now.

i know it sounds a bit like a fairy tale, and i hope you don't barf while reading this, if you do feel the need to bring up your lunch, complimentary bark bags are available here. and trust me, there ar just as many hard stories as fairy tale ones.

little did we know, that God knew we would need that strong beginning to get us through the rest of this life, but He knew, and He gave us eachother.

i would love to hear the story of how you and your significant other met! please share on the comments!

hope everyone had a great valentines day, i spent mine doing this.

Friday, February 13, 2009

being late, normal day, second breakfast, work, my valentine, shout out, uggs (again) more shout out and friday the 13th

yesterday while driving to work i came face to face with one of my absolute terrors in life. traffic.
now, seeing as i live in a pretty small state, i am sure that traffic here is nothing compared to some of you, but any kind of traffic is horrible for me. i left in plenty of time (i am late pretty much everywhere i go, but NEVER to work) and i was cruising along at well over the suggested speed limit ( i like to think of it as a suggestion that way i don't feel guilty when i don't obey it), happily thinking of wearing my uggs later that night, when all of the sudden...bam! all cars came to a stop (yes including me) and we weren't moving. no flashing lights or signs to indicate what was happening, just not moving. for about 10 minutes. i texted my friend to say i may be a few minutes late and tried to tune in some radio station that might give an indication of what the hell was going on. after 10 mins, it let up and we started moving again. at normal speed. passing nothing along the way that would answer why we had stopped at all. then......bam! stopped again. first, i was irritated. then i looked at the clock and then realized i was going to be late. then i looked around and i was surrounded by other cars and trucks, and no one was moving, and no radio stations were telling why and no flashing lights, and i was going to be late. i looked around like a wild animal trying to see how i could get out of this mess. there was no way. out. i frantically called my husband and though in my panicked state i cannot recall exactly what was said, i believe it went like this:

me: i am stuck in traffic and i am going ot die

him: no, i don't think you will die, just try and be careful

me: nope, no way to be careful, the car is in park and i think i am going to have to stay here forever

him: jineen, calm down, i will look on the computer and see what the hold up is

me: are there extra blankets and food here, if i am going to live here on the road forever i want to be prepared

him: jineen, you will be fine, just be careful and keep watching to see what is going on

me: i think i can use the back seat as my bed, but what will i do for a toilet? i mean i can hold it for a while, but eventually in my life here i will need to poop

him: there isn't any accident mentioned online, just sit tight, you'll be fine

me: ok we are moving again, love you

him: call me when you get there

all of this took place over 15 mins. and when we got going, again no sign of what had stopped us. wtf? i mean i was in a real panic, i only ended up being 10 mins late, but i was upset for quite a bit. i hate traffic. and i really hate being late, did i mention that?

anyway, i actually did this morning like a semi-normal person, getting up in the day time and having a cup of coffee while sitting here with my family. of course my version of normal means i didn't actually roll out of bed until noon. and my husband (isn't he fabulous) had the coffee already waiting, complete with sugar and creamer. (the powder kind which i know sounds disgusting, but i am completely addicted to).

and he was cooking breakfast for my son and himself, while listening to opera (and i use breafast loosely seeing as how they got up at 5 am.) they were having porkchops, homefries, yogurt, eggs and fruit. it was lunch actually i suppose...

yesterday when i was at work i sooo meant to take a picture of my treadmill for you all, i just know you are dying to meet her after hearing so much, but it just didn't happen. as it turns out, the patients on our floor were actually pretty sick and i was forced to care for them, instead of taking awesome pictures.

during my day i also discovered several things, 92 year olds previously caught eating blankets they mistake for a side of beef can go through benzo withdrawal,and once given some ativan can calm down and become normal again. women who care for their terminally ill husband at home can be very manipulative and call you a liar when you try and help. coworkers who you disagree with do not like confrontation but you can work it out when forced to in front of 10 other people. when removing a ccentral line from someones artery can be messy if not done correctly. people on ventialtors that want to beg for you to help them die can be trying on the soul. 45 year old petty woman at work are capable of acting like 16 year olds and trying to take everyone back to highschool with them. a couple of beers and a rueben after work can make all the above things seem ok.

tomorrow is valentines day and Kristina wants to know why i am my own valentine. well kristina, i am my own valentine because who better to love than youself? hahaha, just kidding. obviously jerm is my valentine, has been for more than half my life, tho i am sure dom will be also competing for that spot, he very much thinks this is some kind of plueral marriage and that instead of being a kid, he is an equal part of everything.

i wore my uggs last night after about a week of withdrawal, and yup, they were just as fanastic as before. my feet slid in to them with ease and it was like they had never left :) i seriously am unsure of how i made it through life this far without them. and yesterday when i was late, i left my change of clothes in the car and so when i went out there to put my work stuff in and meet my friend across the street for dinner, i had to change in the car seeing as i was far too lazy to walk all the way back in to work just to change. thankfully it was dark out and i was nearly the only one in the parking garage. also, thankfully, uggs go on just as easy whether you are inside a building or inside your car.

one last note, on monday cammie will be posting her 100th post. her goal is to have 100 hundred comments to go along with it. will everyone head over there monday and help her out? i mean, i guess i could just post 100 comments myself, but i don't think that counts, and also that could be time consuming, (and i would do it for you cammie) but it would be more fun if everyone would help out!

so i leave you now, and hope you all have a good friday 13th (did you realize thats today?)
and though me and guinevere will not be seeing each other today, i am considering having her as my valentine too, seeing as how she loves me so much even if i am not crazy about her and sometimes call her "that b**ch of a treadmill".

happy friday
love to all

Thursday, February 12, 2009

that sounds heavy

ok, so there are several things i am supposed to be doing right now, and blogging is really not one of them. (though it is clearly my favorite of all the options).

what sounds heavy is the things which i should be doing such as i have a meeting at work in 3 hours and i am not even showered yet, not to mention the hour it will take to do my ridiculously long hair...

also i have to meet with a girl at work for dinner and drinks after work is over. she actually got this idea in her head that i would be a good mentor for her and so i feel i should at least try and live up to her standard, so meeting with her to discuss her goals in nursing and then start a very interesting project on pacers. (ok i know this doesn't seem too fabulous to the rest of you but we do work on the cardiac floor and pacers are interesting to us...)

the heavy part is that all of my art supplies need to be put in the car in prep for that and just the thought is making my arms hurt. (though we all the know the truth of the matter is when i decide what needs to get packed, i will turn to my husband, put on the big puppydog eyes and suggest maybe it is too heavy for little ole me, but perhaps...)

i also need to get together something to wear because i can't wear scrubs out, and yet my fashion sense is......still building. (on a note here, can anyone please teach me how to put those awesome crossed out lines in here? as in i say something then cross it out and then type what i should have said? i am so not blog savvy yet)

so, my name for my for my treadmill came from a very unexpected husband.

i know you are all waiting with baited breath for the announcement...

i will call her lady guinevere.

why might you ask? well there are many reasons, and i am thinking that maybe it would be fun to post a different reason every week. ok maybe not fun in the sense that hey we are all gonna get together and have such a good time, but at least it may keep you all coming back to see why in the world i would give her that title.

so....that's why i named her guinevere is born.

that's why i named her guinevere ....

my reason 1: i am calling her this because lady guinevere married king arthur to form an alliance and protect her land, she made a sacrifice for the greater good. my treadmill is much like this due to the fact that she gives up her whole life to sit in the gym allowing me to use her for the greater good each day. she is there to help me be healthier and protect me from the evil fat of the world. she is sooo self sacrificing.

so as we are all getting to know eachother, please feel free to ask me anything about myself, i am an open book and there is pretty much nothing off limits. my profile doesn't really reveal much and i know you all are just dying to know about my super interesting fabulous self. (haha snort)

on a lighter note there is a hairy beast running around here, and her name is jineen. why hairy you ask? well there are these 2 one inch long caterpillars (aka eyebrows) growing on my face and i really need to have them waxed. i woke up and really thought i could see the hairs beginning to grow down over my eyes. that is a scary thought ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you. i am usually so much better at keeping the standard grooming taken care of, but not lately. why wax? well due to the bizarre fact that my eyebrows are different shapes and one is also half an inch higher than the other, only an expert (meaning the vietnamese woman down the road) is capable of tackling such a feat. she does them justice so they can look normal. plus plucking them takes forever and gets on my nerves, but in one fell swoop she can make them perfect.
so pray for me today, as i attempt to find a spare moment to get there and stop my imitation of bert from sesame street.

i am also burdened today with the thought that after our surprise in march i am forced to make more doctors appointments for dom ( my son) regarding his health and i have been putting it off long enough. we have changed doctors and are hoping for a good match this time. there is so much to say about that i can't possibly explain it all now, and besides i am keeping it light today. but suffice it to say, the last time we went we found out about the tumor and so i am sure you can imagine how sick to my stomach it makes me to think about going back.

anyway, the wind is blowing had enough i think our house might tip over, and on that note, i think i am gonna go and make sure we are still safely attached to the ground. (and by that i mean get a shower)

hope everyone is having a great day, thanks for reading!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

me and my therapist

obviously by the title you can infere 2 things...

1: i need therapy

2: i found a therapist

i found her in an unlikely spot. a place i have been to before but never knew the potential...

i wish i had more build up than that, but i don't.

the treadmill is my new therapist.

for those of you who are new here i am on a quest to be "healthy". and by that i mean drop about 70 pounds. a large undertaking i know, but i think i can do it. i have been at it for a month and a half and haven't quit yet.

i belong to the gym at work, and though it is a rather small gym (only 4 treadmills, 4 ellipticals, 2 bikes and some weight crap) i enjoy it there. and besides, 24 dollars a month? please i am cheap and that sounds like a deal maker there.

so anyway, i always use the same treadmill and i run and walk and stretch on her and she really loves me, you know? she never complains if i ate too much, or if i drip sweat on her, or if i neglect her for a day or two. she is always there when i am ready.

since she is so faithful to me i figure maybe i should be a little nicer and stop calling her "that b**ch of a treamill". maybe a sweeter name would be more appropriate in this stage of our relationship, (we have been going steady for 45 days....)

so what should it be? i mean everyday that i have a bad day at work i go up there and run my anger away, i laugh, i sweat like a dirty pig, i stomp on her, i cuss in front of her, i pour out my frustration on her ( and anyone else who happens to be there, which thankfully is people who understand my need to rant and rave and run in funny motions to express my anger).

i entertain the audience of the gym with my antics, and my treadmill is there being my right hand woman ( yes she is a woman, why? she's so supportive and understanding of course).

so i hand it to you, my faithful multitude of readers (all 2 of you) what can i call her?

i need something fabulous and memorable so when i call her that from now on you all know who i am refering to, as in"oh yeah i saw _____ today and we talked it out..."

see what i mean? ok, ladies hope you are having a fabulous day! now my pillow awaits me:)


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

tribute tuesday

although i very much need to go to bed now so i can get back up and work tonight...i wanted to drop a brief tribute tuesday here...
my tribute this week os to my husband.

there are so many reasons why, but mostly, he loves me exactly as i am. he met me nearly 17 years ago, and tho i have changed over the years, he has always loved me the same:) i coudn't ask for more.

Wayne, i hope you have a great week!

pizza is for your tummy, not your face and blankets are for your bed not your tummy

ok, so maybe you don't know this about me, but i have briefly touched on the subject and will now go further than i probably should.

most of my life i have had good, clear skin. no problems with acne, maybe a pimple or two around my period. then i went on the depo shot after having my son and never had a period, therefore, no acne.

but for some unimaginable reason, this past may i turned 26 and my birthday gift to myself?

you guessed it zits.

not even a few, many. all around my cheeks, chin and upper lip. who does that? acne when you are an adult? not only that, but i have a compulsive obsession with popping them. leading to some small scarring. wtf?

i have tried so many things, i am desperate for a solution.

i even went so far as to add myself to the millions trying proactive and having wonderful, life changing results.

bit wasn't wonderful, or lifechanging. it wasn't even delivered on time. i fooled myself into thinking if i just stuck with it, it would make my skin magically wonderful. it did not. after 5 months, i just plain give up.

i had asked for some help and recieved advice from one woman, which i will be trying in the days to come, but i thought i migh open it up.

is any other grown woman suffering from pizza face? is concealer your must have makeup tool?

my skin is oily in the t-zone and dry on the cheeks. i promise you i have tried so much, i am unsure if you will be able to help, but maybe we can all learn a trick or two.....

on a funnier note that i must mention, while i was at the hospital working last night, there was a 92 year old woman there who had a heart attack and was staying with us until a nursing home bed became available. we had her set up in a chair in the hallway because she was confused out of her mind, ( i mean for goodness sake, she is 92). anyway, as i walk up the hall she looks up at me with a guilty look on her face and she has a big chunk of her blanket in her mouth, and she is chewing it. yup, you read it right, chewing it.

i ask her "ms. so and so, why are you chewing your blanket?"

she replies to me, "well honey this is the toughest side of beef i have ever had! i just don't know what i did wrong! i bought it and cooked it and it is so tough!"

and all the while she is trying her hardest to bite off a piece of the blanket...

i try to explain to her that she is chewing her blanket and she says "well what the heck is this beef made of?"

"well cotton and fiber, honey, its a blanket"

"well, i swear it is the absolute worst side of beef"

i attempt to take the blanket out of her mouth which only prompts her to call me

"son of a b**ch"

"oh ms. so and so, you shouldn't say things like that! i just don't want you eating your blanket!"

" well you can go straight to hell"

and with that she continued happily chewing at her blanket mumbling about finding a not so tough piece of beef.

i am still laughing, and although it may not be as funny written out, be sure i was at a loss for words and laughing my behind off when it happened!

hope you find a good cut of meat today!'
with "tenderest" thoughts

Monday, February 9, 2009

my head is spinning.....i swear monday comes twice a week....

thats right time once again for not me monday. i am beginning to think this may be the only thing you can count on from me for regular posts...

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

so this past week was mostly work, but i suppose there are a few things i certainly did not do in my time off....

for instance...

i did not once again put all laundry on hold until the morning i needed to sleep for work that night! not me, never!

i did not wear my newly puchased, but much loved, uggs everywhere, including riteaid, walmart and wings to go just to show i had a pair!

i would never wait all week to go shopping until a few hours ago at the 24 hour walmart, choosing instead to est mostly food from that nutrition store right down the road called wawa...

i did not go to above mentioned walmart with no, and i mean no, makeup on just to get there and get it done..

i did not lay my bras out on the dining room table to dry, i wouldn't do this because then everyone who came into my home would be able to see them, and even though they cannot be put in the dryer and cost enough money that i am willing to hand wash them and then lay them flat (per instructions) i just would not put them out on the table, ever!

i did not get my 7 year old to do pilates with me and call that our mommy and son time for the week ( in all fairness i did work many hours this week and there wasn't any other way, and we are trying a new thing that if we want him to understand that mommy and daddy need time together, but if he is good and lets us be, then he will get his own special time with each one of us) doesn't every 7 year old need to try pilates any way?

i did not wake from my love affair with my pillow today and purposefully pull out my nose ring and then hold it in my hand and go back to sleep ( i only mention this because i am still wondering why in the world i did it)

i certainly did not , in an effort to support the girl scouts of america, buy 2 boxes of girlscout cookies and then proceed to eat half of each box in one night...i wouldn't do this because i am on a diet, and desperately i mean eating healthier.....those boxes are getting smaller anyway, aren't they?

i did not call someone at work a fat ass because they were being extremely lazy and commanding me to do their job for them....

i did not go all week with overgrown eyebrows and *gulp* mustache just because the place that waxes them both wasclosed last monday when i went there ( pretty sure they weren't closed every day since, and just for the record i am still hairy as i type this)

i guess that is probably it for me. there isn't much i'm afraid, this is probably due to the fact that i am a fantastic wife and mother, and i get so much done during each week....

hahahahaha! yeah right, more like i went to work slept, went back to work and slept some more. (and kept my daily date with that hag of a treadmill).

this week should be better and i am couting the days until my hockey date with jerm and our "surprise" in march (more on that later!

Well ladies and gents, i hope your week was more productive than me, or at least funnier.
don't forget your not me monday!


Friday, February 6, 2009

Fix it up friday is here!!!

**ok, so it is much harder than i thought to keep this up, every friday, i mean really. i guess i have only done it once so far, but maybe because of the kind of shift i do, i tend to completely lose track of the days and have only just now realized that it is in fact friday. so.....what to do for this weeks fix it up friday? there are really so many choices, its just that i want to make it interesting and fun, so what can i do it on?

this week fix it up friday will feature.......**

Okay, so honestly, that is as far as i got, and then i went to bed. its okay though, because i have a good excuse. I had to work this weekend and now in the last 3 days have finished 44 hours of work. oh and that comes with a grand total of one night off before i go back for another 32 hours in two and a half days.

you may or may not be able to tell from this post tha ti am so very excited about the fact that the only thing i have done lately is work and sleep. and sometime i went potty. now i am having a drink and getting ready for bed. (oh yeah i guess i was faithful to that b**ch of a treadmill too..)

anyway, i promise i will be more prepared for next friday, i mean really, who tries to make up some cute catch phrase theme for her blog, does it for one week and then gets tired?

so, i will finish my drink and raise my glass to you my reader, and then off to bed for many hours:)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

it is freakin cold out, i love these jeans, i kicked the gyms ass today! and how many more days of work?

ok, so now it seems that is becoming a habit to list far too much info in my title, maybe i am hoping to entice people to read what i have to say, as if it is so super interesting....

so it is precisely 17 degress outside, and the windchill is ZERO! i nearly froze coming out of work this morning. I swear just last week i was walking around without the heat on and even last night it was cold, but today it is COLD! the snot was trying to freeze inside my nose, and being that i have never possessed the talent to blow my own nose, i was stuck with a sort of stiffness that wasn't painful, but fully there. anyway, anytime snot can freeze while still inside your body....thats too cold. anyone have a spare room in their home that they are willing to generously donate to one freezing female?

i was shopping for my husband and my son was with me and we were having a grand time.....
for some reason as we were in the jc penney's, i decided i needed to try on a pair of jeans. i am not sure why i tried to ruin a perfectly good day with this exercise, but apparently i can't resist a chance to make myself feel terrible. i never have good luck trying on jeans, and the only thing i have ever come away with is a sweaty face (why do they make those dressing rooms so HOT?) and poor self esteem. so anyway i tried on a few pairs and i swear even though they were all the same size, none of them fit the same, or really even at all. so, in one last desperate attempt, i grabbed a pair, right size, right rise (i cannot wear those low rise barely above the pubic hair jeans) and went to the dressing room. my son looks up at me and says "mommy i won't ask any questions so you can concentrate, i really am getting tired" thanks for your support son. So he continues to pretend we are in a hotel room and leaves me be, i try on the jeans, i can't believe they are sliding up my legs with ease, and my eyes get even wider as they are going over my hips with ease, and then before i knew it i was buttoning and zipping them....and they are PERFECT! medium blue wash, midrise, boot cut, size (yeah right) liz the company jeans, on sale at jc penneys. all i can say is wow! i wore them the other day and i felt like a million bucks. :)

so, you pobably don't know (cuz i haven't been doing this that long) but i have struggled with my weight for yers. I was thin as a kid, teenage and newly wed, but the moment i conceived i began putting on weight and haven't stopped since (my son is 7). i guess i will be brutally honest here, but i must warn you if you have recently eaten or have a weak gag reflex, you may not want to read this...

i weighed approx. 125-130 pounds, mostly since i was 12, i also am 5 foot 6 inches tall. so i was a little on the thin side, the day i gave birth, i weighed 246. yup, i kid you not. i literally doubled my weight during pregnancy, now there were a lot of health factors, and i struggled just to keep that kid inside me...but the fact still remains, after getting put on bedrest, i discovered the joy of laying in my bed, eating my heart out and talk shows.

i had my son at 35 weeks, he was a whopping 9lbs, 7 oz, ( and yes it was vaginal delivery) and this past november, i still weighed th 246.

it disgusts me to write it. err....type it.

and *gasp* heaven forbid someone i know reads this!

so i started working out and eating better and even drinking fluids better, at this point i am down to 223. and i am doing 41 minutes on the treadmill. today i had the incline at 2, and i ran 3 minutes at 4.1 mph and walked 1 minute at 3.6 mph. walk, run, walk, run. and i made it all the way through without feeling like i might die before i finish! so, month one down......

again, since we are just getting to know eachother, i should explain my job. I am an RN working ona cardiac stepdown unit. i work 80 hours over 2 weeks. this includes 6 twelve hour shifts and 1 eight hour shift every 2 weeks. i can schedule it how i want, with management adjusting only as needed. so even though my lazy butt has been off since last thursday night (oh by the way i work 7pm to 7am) i went back last night and i will be there every night until i leave sunday morning. That makes for a long weekend!
keep me in mind while you are enjoying your weekend, i will be saving lives (or at least wiping some ass) and healing people!

i guess that is it, everyone wish cammie a fabulous girls weekend!!!!!

and jodie congrats!!!!


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

cozy comfy uggs and guilt, children and tics, snow and me, a birthday, far beyond impossible questions and a thankyou to my Jesus

okay, possibly the longest title from me ever. (in fact it is definitely the longest, after reading that Cammie is about to have, or already does, a hundred posts i counted my own, a whopping 20)

shout out to boomama and dave barnes (click the link to see what i'm talking about)
anyway, i have alot to say today and my heart is full. i suppose the best way to share everything with you is to take it in order from the title:)

I have been wanting a pair of comfy, cozy, super soft, warm uggs since, oh i don't know, for 2 years? i see them on everyone, everywhere, i read about people enjoying their fabulousness, and i am GREEN with envy:) so today, the pair my husband insisted i get for myself came in the mail. I have a lot of guilt over buying things for myself, and usually i do not. i am unsure of where said guilt comes from, just that it is there. and then of course they came today (i only just ordered them saturday) on my husbands birthday. he ran in with the box so excited for me and i was VERY hesitant to even open them, not wanting to steal his thunder and all. he laughed that off and i ripped open the box heart pounding....would they be all that i thought they were?

the answer? a resounding yes! and ladies? the guilt disappeared the moment i slipped by bare feet into them and felt their comforting goodness. I mean boots that keep your feet body temperature no matter what? boots that you can tuck pants into or put them over top off? boots that you wear BAREFOOT!

oh yes, they are mine and i wore them out to breakfast already!

children and tics...well, i dont know where to begin with that one. as you get to know me better you will probably realize all on your won that i am somewhat OCD. i like certain things in order and a particular way. yesterday while out on a date with my son, we had pizza. he loves to sit across the table form me and pretend that everyone thinks we are husband and wife and he insists on a real discussion while we eat. He starts with "so how are you today ife?" and continues on asking and answering questions with a smile. during all this, i notice he is doing the same things to his drink and food each time he eats or sips. it is apparent to me that he doesn't even realize he is doing it. I start laughing and when he asks me why i tell him that i saw him touch the very tip of his straw with the very tip of finger each time before he took a drink. and that each time he ate, he madesure the piece of pizza was precisely perfectly placed on his plate before and after biting. he laughed and said "oh mommy thats how i do it".

i know this is a very small snippet and not very supportive of my tic idea, but it is among many things i noticed him doing, he also has a habit of smoothing his hair down from the crown of his head to his forhead before and after speaking. kinda freaks me out how religiously he does it and how he never seems to notice it. whatever, i guess it isn't anything to stress about, any body else have kids like that?

me and snow? well what can i say except that we are like oil and water. i don't like it. actually it isn't the snow that i mind, it is the COLD that comes along with it. i hate, and i mean HATE being cold. the snow is pretty, i have even been known to play in it once every few years, but i hate being cold. and this is the kinda snow that isn't even sticking! why bother?

On a happy and normal note, today is my husbands 27th birthday! i love you so much pumpkin and even though i asked you not to read my blog, i want everyone else to know that even though you are getting old and all, i still love you:)

so all children ask at some point or another "where do babies come from?" and "why is the sky blue?" and whatnot...

let me ask you this....

"mommy, why do you smoke cigarettes?" as we are at the counter buying a carton. (and i know some of you are thinking: well why do you smoke and also thinking: why would you take your kid with you to buy cigarettes? well, thankyou for your judgements and also thankyou for keeping them to yourselves)(oh yeah and i dont smoke around my kid)
me-"well i do honey"

him-"do you exercise every day to get rid of the smoke?"

me-"no, i exercise to get rid of my fat belly"

him-"maybe you're fat because you smoke"

i just laughed, i mean what else could i say? i do n o lie to my child and he knows i smoke, though it isn't around him. and he always lets me know how bad it is and that he will never smoke, now he lets me know its why i'm fat. lovely.

and one more impossible question...

"mommy, where was i before i was born. and before i was in your tummy. and before i was the egg. and before i was even thought of?"


"i mean was i an angel with GOD?"

of course i really don't know, but i ask himm what does he think since that is my usual reply to something i really have no idea of an answer...

"i think i'm right, i was with God in heaven and i played with Him all day long. i always am right, right mommy?"

i'll end that topic with that phrase seeing as i still don't have a really good answer for that one.

And now for my thankyou to Jesus. in writing all of this, it causes me to sit back and think about how full my life is. how happy and thankful Jesus has allowed me to be. How many people and events in my life that i am thankful for. there was a time when i was so sad, so uncaring i couldn't even begin to see the rainbow at the end. Jesus was there, but i only allowed Him whispering space in my head, only allowed Him to speak quietly about how to be faithful to Him. now i see, He was always there. And He has given me much.

So with a full heart and thankful spirit i will end for today.
thankyou friends for spending this bit of time with me.

Monday, February 2, 2009

is monday almost over already?

time for not me monday again? i can hardly believe that much time has passed.....of course last week i was a day late and a dollar short....

anyway here we go:)

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to">her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

so this past week i did not skip laundry entirely, electing instead to play catch-up today with at least 725 loads of it

and the above mentioned laundry? i did not allow it to fill up in the laundry basket (clean but unfolded) and when it began to overflow just dump it in an extra box conveniently next to the laundry basket. ( in fact i never do that)

i did not skip exercise 3 days out of the last 7, though i have been faithful up to that point

i did not allow my 7 year old child to sleep in my bed all night just because i knew it meant he would sleep in the next morning (i certainly did not just tuck him right into my bed, skipping all the waking up after a few hours thing)

i would never skip grocery shopping for 4 days instead opting to pay double for convenience and closeness at acme, 2 to 3 things at a time

i did not have drinks every day for the last few days just to relax and get some "sound" sleep only to have it backfire this morning when i awoke after 3 hours of sleep wide eyed and bushy tailed

i did not call out of work for only the 3rd time ever just to go to a superbowl party, and while at that super bowl party just for women, i did not actually watch the entire game and end up explaining the rules to everyone else, (i did not do this because i did not grow up with a father and brother who loved football).

and finally, penny pincher that i am, and saving for vacation that i am, i did not spend over 600.00 on my husband for his birthday, because he deserved it and i wanted to show him i love him with material things.

thats about it, i suppose.

better hope for this week, when i will be perfect and get everything done. and by the way, the upside to saving all the laundry from last week for this week? once it is all done tonight, i can count it as being done early for this week! (i can, can't i?)